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  • You agreed that it didn’t help Gazans. Which was my point. They claim they are helping Gazans. They are not.

    And, again, they do the exact same things Israel is doing- Killing thousands of people including children. You are ignoring that, which I also said that people like yourself do.

    One mass murdering group is good to you because you don’t like a different mass murdering group and neither do they. That’s some bullshit reasoning if the reason you don’t like the latter group is because of all the murder.

  • There are certain people on Lemmy who support the Houthis because they claim what they are doing supports Gaza. It does not. They aren’t stopping Israel from doing anything by doing this… but there are people here who have this ridiculous “enemy of my enemy is my friend regardless of what they actually accomplish or what their real goals are” attitude which baffles me. The Houthis are awful. They have killed a huge number of people, including children, just like Israel. But hey, they’re declared enemies of Israel, so we can just overlook that little issue.

    I’ve seen people even praise theocracies like Iran for the same reason.

    It’s ridiculous.